Cool Fashion

Let's just talk about cool people who do things differently and express themselves through what they wear.

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Fashion and Politics

Whether a person is running for president of the United States or the local city government, fashion plays a large role in how voters see the candidates and how successful the candidate’s campaign is. By having a clean, sharp image, the candidate

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Universal Culture of Fashion

When we think of fashion, it is easy and common to think of it in terms of division.Skaters vs. townies, greasers vs jocks, the 60s vs 70s. Fashions demonstrate belonging to certain eras, groups and nationalities.

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Keep It Up - Underwear You Won't Regret You Bought

Everyone needs underwear, but all too often the underwear that we buy isn’t something that we’re totally happy with. Of course, this isn’t usually a big deal because underwear is fairly inexpensive but for those who are looking for the perfect underwear.

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The Ultimate Guide to a Black-Tie Dress Code

An invitation to a black-tie affair might leave you wondering how formally you should dress. Since black-tie remains the gold standard for formal attire, it’s essential to get it right.

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Adding that Bohemian Flair

Fashion styles can be as personal as favorite books, and they’re more outspoken since you wear them for the world to see. For this reason, your fashion choices should reflect who you are—and if you happen to be a person who adores a Bohemian mindset.

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Steampunk - The Fashion Way

​There are a number of trends and concepts that rise, like fads, and steal popular focus, and one of those concepts in recent years has been what’s known as Steampunk. This is an idea that extends into literature and can be represented through clothing.