Tips On Having the Best Alte Look

As an alteist, it is normal to match the “wrong” outfits sometimes. This could happen at any time and cause your outfit to seem a bit overboard. In this post, I have highlighted a few tips that would help you achieve your look without falling short of per

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As an alteist, it is normal to match the “wrong” outfits sometimes. This could happen at any time and cause your outfit to seem a bit overboard. In this post, I have highlighted a few tips that would help you achieve your look without falling short of perfection.

What is An Alte Look?

An alte look is a well thought out mix of your creativity and a retro or vintage touch to produce an edgy style. An alte look aims to create a unique and fun style that is particular to your personality.

Most alteist adopt the style intending to explore the reins of creativity when it comes to fashion. However, being an alteist isn’t peculiar to just fashion, as it is also regarded as a lifestyle.

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Tips on Having The Perfect Alte Look

As an alte dresser, there are ways and a few guidelines that should help you get just what you want. They allow you to stay in touch with your intentions without going overboard.

So, here are a few tips that could help you as an alteist or an intending alte dresser.

#1: Pick out the right colors

In alte fashion, colors can be the catalyst that brings the whole idea to life. With the right blend of colors, you can come out looking as you imagined. Since alte is all about reproducing a retro look in a rather significant manner, it should be just that. Don’t do boring colors. Every one aside the alte dresser does that.

The end goal is to produce a fashionable look that throws people off the edge. In this case, you have the freedom to blend the most distinctive colors in an outfit. However, ensure these colors do a great job of complementing your skin tone as it is the first step to having a perfect look.

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#2: Keep a neutralizer handy

When I say a neutralizer, I mean something that could save the day when it seems your style is going off the rails. This situation happens when you have planned out your outfit, and when you finally have it on, it doesn’t look like you want.

A neutralizer is a combination of fashion accessories or clothing that has proven to look good.  It could be either of the following:

  • Footwear.
  • A neckpiece.
  • An eyeglass.
  • A dress.
  • A jumpsuit, etc.

These fashion items are there to swoop instead of forcing a subjectively failed outfit. Forcing an outfit in alte fashion barely gives you the right finishing. If it’s an outfit or an accessory that has failed, go for your neutralizer.

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#3: Try it out first

Instead of needing a neutralizer, you can avoid all of that within a few minutes. A lot of alteist do not come out as they imagined because they made it all in their head. It is undeniable that creativity starts up in the head before it is brought to life, but sometimes that seal of perfection is needed. This could mostly be achieved by trying out the blend being your outing.

Your mirrors do a great job of showing you the results, and consulting them a night before is never a wrong decision. You get ample time to touch up anything that you may have missed out in the planning stage.

Still, as an alte dresser that intends experimenting with your creativity, it is acceptable to be spontaneous. Spontaneity is highly celebrated in the alte world. However, before you become a pro at this, I would advise you always tried it out before the expected date.

#4: Stay updated

The process of researching is the core of a successful outfit. Alte, in its proper form, can be regarded as a themed fashion. Themed fashion statements are outfits adopted to represent a particular culture or timeline.

Alte has metamorphosed into a culture, and knowing all about that culture helps you stay true to the art. Your alte styled outfits could get messy and confusing when you do not know anything about the culture.

So, I would recommend that you did your research as it not only keeps you real to the alte culture. It does a great job of helping you figure out more blends that would keep you on track

#5: Stay comfortable

Even with fashion evolution and how popular alte fashion has become, there are still untouched areas. Not everyone you meet would be satisfied with your style, and trying to look acceptable ruins the whole idea.

As an alteist, staying comfortable in your creativity gives you enough flexibility to bring your styles to life. Remember, holding back has nothing in the world of alte as the lifestyle is set to get past the stereotypes.

In all you do, stay comfortable as it is the key to your creativity!


Going overboard as an alte fashion enthusiast could be easily avoidable. Though there are a few enthusiasts that may not agree to the term “overboard.” But, if you want to stay within your style’s constraints, these tips would surely come in handy.

Written exclusively for our company by Sherise