Adding that Bohemian Flair

Fashion styles can be as personal as favorite books, and they’re more outspoken since you wear them for the world to see. For this reason, your fashion choices should reflect who you are—and if you happen to be a person who adores a Bohemian mindset.

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Adding that Bohemian Flair

Fashion styles can be as personal as favorite books, and they’re more outspoken since you wear them for the world to see. For this reason, your fashion choices should reflect who you are—and if you happen to be a person who adores the free nature of a Bohemian mindset, you can easily work those concepts into your wardrobe to wear in your day-to-day life. These elements can be embraced from your hair to your feet, with numerous stops in between, meaning there’s a lot of territory to show your appreciation of the style. In order to best embrace it, you might want to try some of those fashion choices:

The Turn-Around Effect

There are a number of dress and skirt styles that reflect a Bohemian flair, and they can be as basic as a sundress if chosen correctly. Remember, though, that a Bohemian look should represent freedom, so it makes sense to choose a style that interacts with something as free as the wind. This can be done fairly easily, no matter how abstract the concept might seem. If you want to represent the fluidity and possibility of a Bohemian thought process in a skirt or dress, choose one that has swaying potential should a gentle wind go by—something I like to refer to as a “turn-around” detail. Because of this turn-around effect, you might want to embrace this concept on days with gentler wind, but when you can, it’s a great way to showcase a Bohemian flair in your clothing.

Keep It Baggy

To embody the same free concept, choose clothing that is loose-fitting and allows for greater mobility, like baggy tops and off-the-shoulder numbers that you can pair with lower layers of clothing. Believe it or not, embracing this freedom of movement with the looser fit feels Bohemian in ways that other clothing choices might not be able to compete with. Like the turn-around idea, it also makes the style something that you can achieve by piecing together everyday clothes. You don’t have to go out of your way to find a skirt that blows in that gentle breeze or a shirt that fits loosely, which is another representation of this free, Bohemian concept. You don’t have to drive yourself crazy or break the bank since these are general elements that create the look.

Choose the Right Patterns

Bohemian style is about being natural as much as it’s about the free concepts that were already noted, so there’s no reason to not think of nature when choosing your clothing patterns. Specifically, flowers make great fabric options for your Bohemian clothing choices. They’re natural, beautiful, and elegant, and these are all elements that fit well with a Bohemian look. These organic images, as it happens, are not the only methods of embracing a Bohemian flair in your attire through pattern choices. You can also go with things as basic as geometric shapes—particularly circular concepts. This detail blends well with the freeness of the Bohemian mindset since the circle does not showcase an end. It just keeps going without restraint, which is fitting for Bohemian fashion.

This free element can also be accomplished by reaching into other cultures or exotic elements for clothing choices—like gems as embellishments, or perhaps patterns like elephants or peacock feathers on your clothing. Essentially, if it reaches beyond limitations in a good, natural way, it could be your perfect Bohemian choice!

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Choose the Right Techniques

Believe it or not, there are ways to craft clothing that can make them linkable to particular clothing styles, and a Bohemian flair is no different. In fact, one of the best methods of expressing this fashion choice is to choose something crocheted—like an overlaying top or sweater. This is, again, fitting because it represents the free nature of the Bohemian mindset by having the open parts of a crocheted work while remaining strong and together for use. It also looks casual, despite its distinct touch, and once more, this can do wonders in embracing the Bohemian fashion.

Another clothing option to represent this Bohemian idea is to use a peasant top. This choice embraces the baggy element that was already addressed, and also creates a grounded sensation that defies unnecessary glamour and glitz. It’s a common, everyday top, after all—one with “peasant” right in the name—so there’s no mention of anything beyond common elements. Without reaching into more fanciful details, it’s a perfectly suited top for the Bohemian look.

The Right Colors for the Job

Colors are key elements in a number of areas of life. Even holiday decorating is color-relatable, with oranges and blacks taking over Halloween and bright pastels coloring eggs and dresses at Easter. Clothing, as it happens, can be just as color-focused, and this Bohemian look is an example of a fashion style that can be elevated with the right choices. For this look, the best choices can be ones that are nature-based and grounded in earthly elements to represent the elemental quality of the style. Greens mimic grass, blues mimic sky, and neutral beiges and tans mimic dust and other earthly elements. For these reasons, they’re great additions to a Bohemian wardrobe. This isn’t to say that you can’t spice things up with other colors—most colors, for instance, can be found in flowers, which gives them a connection to the earthy Bohemian look—but for grounding concepts, choose things that remind you of the environment and earth for a clothing style that has no missteps.


If there’s one element that can bring the Bohemian look to its absolute fullest, it’s the chosen accessories! The right addition to a hairstyle, for instance, can do wonders for embracing the fashion choice, like a flower or a wreath of some sort. By choosing a band to circle your hair or head, you can showcase a number of Bohemian-related elements, like flowers, beads, feathers—things that are common and/or earthy. If you choose the right hair accessory, basically, you can hold the Bohemian fashion from your hair to your shoes.

For those shoes, you have a number of options. One of the most common is a pair of strappy sandals that are intricately designed with beads and patterns that reflect the overall Bohemian traits. This, again, is earthy and free—less confining than other shoe options—but a pair of neutrally colored boots can express a Bohemian feel as well. These boots can be decorated with fringes, beads, and patterns, or they can look more like a pair of cowboy boots. Regardless, if paired with a Bohemian style outfit, the shoes can accentuate the concept.

A scarf can also do wonders to build your fashion choice, whether around your neck, waist, or hair. It’s a simple, yet elegant, touch, and that combination of beauty and casualness represents the overall concept of Bohemian remarkably well. To pair it best with the previously noted Bohemian elements, choose an earthy color (or colors), decorative gems, or a crochet structure.

A cross-body purse is another great accessory for this style of fashion. The reason is that it’s a freeing kind of purse. You don’t have to worry about holding onto it since it’s crossing over you, so you’re free in that regard to investigate, pursue, and live. Since this free nature is a viable detail of the Bohemian flair, there is no other purse style that can better represent this fashion choice—especially since you can choose ones with the same color tones and gems that were already linked with the style.

And, of course, don’t forget your jewelry! Try using a series of bracelets on either hand, or one bracelet that has multiple layers and straps for that same busy feel. Big, bold rings can decorate your fingers to embrace that Bohemian look while you strum a folksy song on your guitar, and earthy necklaces like natural stones are great additions to the style. Basically, keep the guiding principles of overall Bohemian style in mind when you jewelry-shop—earth colors and ideas—and allow yourself the freedom to not limit yourself to one or two. Take your Bohemian concept to its fullest with these jewelry options!

For a Bohemian Flair…

Keep those clothes earthy, loose, and grounded, and don’t be afraid to add a bit of pizzazz to your appearance with the right accessories. If you follow these guidelines, you can showcase the Bohemian look in a lovely, carefree way that’s bound to catch a few glances.