Find Your Personal Style

Style is a means of expressing your individuality through the clothes you’re wearing, and having your personal style will make you feel more comfortable and confident. Also, knowing your personal style will help you create a wardrobe you truly love.

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10 Tips for Finding Your Personal Style

Style is a means of expressing your individuality through the clothes you’re wearing, and having your personal style will make you feel more comfortable and confident. Also, knowing your personal style will help you create a wardrobe you truly love. If you usually spend hours in front of the mirror figuring out what to wear, you might need not only outfit inspirations, but you also a clear definition of your personal style. If you’re still struggling to create a look that reflects who you are, keep on reading for our 10 tips.

Identify your personal goals.

Most people judge others though the clothes they’re wearing, and going for a decent work outfit on your job interview can make a good impression. Since your personal style is a reflection of your individuality, you must think of the image you want to project as well as goals you want to achieve.

If you have personal goals like getting a promotion on your job or getting hired on your interview, you’ll reflect that image by going for more polished pieces like pantsuits, office blazers, button-down shirts and pencil skirts. Also, you may picture yourself four years from now, whether you’re relaxing on a vacation, going on glamorous parties, leading a business meeting, or even more challenging careers like being a fashion blogger, style icon, or even an artist. This way, you’ll easily reveal what style really suits you.

Consider the demands of your lifestyle.

If you usually attend parties, business meetings, and other special occasion that calls for a formal outfit, then sporty-chic sneakers, grunge jackets, and casual denim jeans are limited to your weekends, which means investing in polished pieces is a must. So, pay attention to the demands of your daily life before building your wardrobe and defining your personal style. Remember, your lifestyle greatly impacts your style and it matters to have a wardrobe that matches your everyday activities.

Think about your clothing budget.

Don’t confuse high-fashion with personal style as you don’t have to go for designer brands just to achieve the style you want. Remember, there are a variety of styles and price points that can offer a similar look, so be selective on your investments. However, if you usually travel on your work or wear jeans every day, think of spending a bit more on higher-quality pieces you'll wear more frequently that will give you more savings in the long run.

Learn about the different types of style.

By being familiar with the different looks and style, you’ll be able to know which ones you like and dislike. While ripped denim jeans, backpacks, baseball caps, and oversized tops sound appealing to a woman with a laidback or casual style, feminine dresses, chic skirts, classic pumps, and shoulder handbags are great for a woman who wishes to show off her feminine and sophisticated personality. The more you can define what certain styles are, the better you’ll be at saying you’re not an effortlessly cool person, as you’re more of a sophisticated type.

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Describe your sense of style in three words.

Take not that you may not be able to decode your personal style overnight, as it’s a journey, not a race. So, start by describing the best adjectives for your look whether it’s dressy, chic, sophisticated, laidback, sporty, or effortless then build your thoughts from there. If you values comfort over fashion, you might find sneakers, sweatpants, jogger pants, basic tees, and jeans appealing for you.


Think which items in your closet you repeatedly wear.

Most women buy clothes they don’t wear, so to avoid making the same mistake again, go in your closet and look at all the things you’ve bought. Being practical about what you actually wear will help to stay true to your personal style rather than getting carried away with an idealized look that doesn’t suit you. The existing pieces in your wardrobe that you usually wear define what you feel confident in and what you feel beautiful in. By evaluating the staples you wear on a daily basis, you’ll be able to start shopping smartly and dress with purpose.

Know what inspires you and find a style icon you admire.

If you don’t know where to begin, think of the things or people that inspire you. It may be an art, nature, architecture, modern-day celebrity, fashion icon, artist, or even a style blogger. If a fashion blogger inspires you, think about the trademark or overall look of her style, as well as the essential pieces she usually wear.

Remember that style is personal, so don't try to copy your fashion icon exactly and potentially lose your style identity. Instead, know what you admire about your style icon, and gradually incorporate that in your look while adding some tweaks to personalize the look.

Experiment on styles that flatter your body type.

Before going for trendy clothes and statement-making pieces, know first the clothing styles that flatter your figure. Think if there are areas you prefer to downplay or highlight so you’ll dress accordingly. A loose-fitting, menswear-inspired style might sound edgy and appealing, but you might prefer a more feminine look for yourself. The key is to incorporate elements of a style you love into a look that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Decide how adventurously you want to approach fashion. Creatively wearing basic staples with fashion-forward pieces can really make a difference. Also, think of fabrics, colors, cuts, prints, textures and such that can make your look more interesting and unique.

Don’t take yourself or your style too seriously. There are some daring trends that bend the fashion rules but still look stylish and chic. Think of wearing mix prints in one outfit, wearing bold colors in blocks, and even wearing sequins in the day that will make your fashion statement bold and intentional.

Refine the style that suits your individuality.

To finally define your personal style, collect all these things you’ve been doing and start weeding out the things that you don’t really love. If you admire the comfort of jeans and sneakers but feel underdressed, then go for chic ballerina flats and dressy jumpsuits that will do the tricks for you.

Opt for styles that reflect your personality and moods. If you admire floral prints yet they feel flashy for you, go for smarter prints like polka dots, checks, and even leopard patterns that will look polished and sophisticated. By heeding our tricks, you’ll be able to define your personal style that suits your personality and be more confident on your way of dressing.